Sunday, February 27, 2011

Article and video on jogless stripes, part 1 of a series

Circular knitting, as you know, is actually a spiral.  Therefore, if you change colors to make stripes, the knitting will "jog."

Jogging stripes

A couple of years ago, in the summer 2009 issue of Interweave Knits, there was an illustrated article by TECHknitter (that's me!) about avoiding this problem with two different kinds of jogless stripes:
  • barber pole (helix)
  • slip stitch jogless (two variations)
Under the contract signed with Interweave Knits, the copyright reverted to this blog after a time.  TECHknitting blog is now free to re-publish the article as it was originally written and illustrated for submission.  However, the article was rather long, so it will be run as three separate posts.

Today's intro installment contains two things:
First, here's a link to a previous post in TECHknitting blog covering the slip stitch variations.  This post contains everything about the slip-stitch jogless method which was found in the Interweave Knits article--only the illustrations are different.

Second, here is a link to a video done by Interweave Knits' editor Eunny Jang, showing how the TECHknitting jogless stripes are done.  The video covers one of the slip stitch variations (stationary style jogless stripes), as well as the helix (barber pole) jogless stripes.  Unlike later videos done by IK, this one does not mention then (then-concurrent) TECHknitting article, but it IS based on the article--the techniques are identical.  I think Eunny does a great job of showing the techniques (and even if you already know how to make these stripes, the video is worth watching to see how incredibly fast Eunny knits, and using a unique style, too).

The next post in this series contains that part of the IK article relating to barberpole (helix) stripes.  This is all-new material for TECHknitting blog because there has never been a post on barber-pole stripes before.  Helix stripes can be made as narrow as a single round, and are therefore very useful for narrow jogless stripes.  (Click here to be taken to the second post.)

The third post in the series will contain that part of the IK article relating to slip-stitch jogless stripes--the material which is identical to the previous TECHknitting post mentioned above.  The only reason to reprise this material is the different illustrations.  In other words, although the previous TECHknitting post on jogless stripes and the third part in this series are to cover the identical ground, yet each has different illustrations, and sometimes a new and different illustration is capable of shedding new light.

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This is the first post in a series: the second post is: Helix (Barberpole) stripes.

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