Sunday, July 19, 2009

I-cord tassels

(No posts for a long time because I broke my ankle.  It's better now, though!)

 Although similar in concept to regular tassels, I-cord tassels have fewer, thicker strands, for a different look.

1: Make several lengths of I-cord. The photo to the right shows 2 tassels, each made from 2 double-length cords and folded over.

2: The lengths are attached at the point of the garment by tacking them down (several stitches) using matching yarn threaded onto a blunt, large-eyed (tapestry) sewing needle.

3. As you can see, a short length of yarn is wound around the cords, perhaps 1/2 or 3/4 inch down from the connection point. This joins the separate lengths of I-cord and prevents them sticking out in all directions, while creating a small bobble above for the winding for the classic "tassel look."

4. For shorter tassels, a simple wind at the top to hide the tacking is all that is required, as the shorter cords look well sticking out in different directions.

5: For added effect, the ends of each length of I-cord is knotted in a simple overhand knot.

One final tip: The ends of all the sewing and winding yarns are simply hidden in the center tube of the I-cords, making this an easy-peasy project, indeed.

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