Friday, April 1, 2022

TECHknitting April Fool's edition: More time for knitting

Here's a neat April Fool's trick. More time for knitting, less cleaning up!

Once the dishes are unloaded, your dishwasher can help keep things tidy. (Not to mention, offer more work space in a small kitchen.) 

The door is the perfect (self-cleaning) spot for messy projects like re-filling the flour. 

The top shelf is the perfect place for messy projects like slicing the bread. Another plus: the board goes straight into the dishwasher without traveling across the kitchen. 

Modern dishwashers have a food disposer built right in, so (within reason, of course) no fears of plugging the drain. 

The door and shelves are also handy for resting meat packages without contaminating the counter, bringing cold items to room temperature, breading fish, filling oil dispensers. Anything, really, you'd otherwise wipe up after. 

Less clean up = more time for knitting.

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