Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not suitable for children?

Even though I try really hard to stick to my knitting, sometimes the goofiness of the web just begs for comment. I've always thought myself the most harmless of women, so I had to laugh (and laugh!) of the big bad "rating" TECHknitting earned from THIS site. The reason TECHknitting did not get a "G" was because this blog uses the word "pain" twice and "kill" once. And indeed, so it does.
  • Frogging the Russian join was once described as a "pain" and once as a "royal pain."
  • When first learning to blog and spending massive amounts of time going up the learning curve, an early post concluded by saying I had to sign off because my husband was "ready to kill me."
Oops, there go those words again! Perhaps TECHknitting (that notoriously bad*ss knitting site) may now aspire to an "R" rating?
(Forgive me if you do not share my mirth--but I haven't been tickled by anything this silly in a l-o-n-g time!)

Addendum--after publishing this post, the new rating is PG-13.