Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Let's speed things up...

Sadly, this tip is not about speeding up your knitting--it is a bit of blog-housekeeping, instead.

Some readers have complained that this blog takes a L*O*N*G time to load. I personally am a computer idiot, but have heard from computer-literate friends, and here is what they say:

ELIMINATE YOUR COOKIES. Periodically eliminating gets rid of useless, expired cookies, which are (so I am told) slowing things down.
EMPTY YOUR CACHE. You might want to go so far as to empty your cache (the memory of sites you have recently visited). Emptying your cache means it takes a little longer for a site to load when you revisit, but I have been told that the overall performance of your computer can get a lot faster.

As to how to actually eliminate the cookies and empty the cache, if it could be done with a knitting needle, I'd be able to lay out several different methods, but for button-pushing tricks, you're better off asking your resident IT person. If you are completely at sea, however, cookie/cache management is often hiding under the "preferences" tab of your browser, so maybe start there.

Caveat: You may have to re-enter some passwords which the computer now automatically fills in for you, so maybe note those down BEFORE you scour out your computer's little brains.