Wednesday, January 20, 2021

TECHknitting blog returns

In protest at what Donald Trump represents, this blog went mostly dark for 4 long years.  "All-me, I-got-mine."  What (un)reality twists such selfishness into "greatness?" It was too depressing for words. 


With the installation of our new president, we--the blog and I--are back.  Older and sadder, but back. In the hope that normalcy can return after four truly awful years, this blog is being revived.  

TECHknitting is, indeed, a knitting blog, and with revival, I mean to return to knitting topics.  However, I thought a four year absence required an explanation.  

* * *

In the next posts, there will be knitting tricks and tips, just like the old days...sort of.  It's not going to be daily, or probably even weekly, but the occasional post will be forthcoming, so stay tuned...we're back. 

* * *

In the meanwhile, let us hope for better.  Let us hope and pray that the evil of selfishness--ignorantly paraded as a virtue over these these last four years--will slink off noiselessly, returning to the depths from which it was so.very.wrongly called forth. 

And if you voted for Donald Trump, once, or even twice, well, sister: please! Put behind you the fears by which you allowed yourself to be misled in the long night just past. Resolve to think more generously, to embrace otherness. Then, come out and join the rest of us. As President Biden just said, "light, not darkness." We are waiting for you, out here in the daylight.