Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spice Road Cap: a TECHknitting pattern

Pattern cover (click to enlarge)
The spice road--stretching from China, through central Asia to easternmost Europe-- defined the route precious spices and silks traveled from east to west. The headgear along the road varies from the fur headgear of the steppes to the brimmed hats of central Asia to the turbans of the southern fringe. The Spice Road Cap captures this variety. A wide flat sweep rises over the forehead, a little foldover brim runs around the top and an organic back fold brings turbans to mind.

Spice Road cap

The cap is knit flat in a fan shape then bound off and folded. There is no needle-and-thread sewing.  Instead, the back seams are three-needle bind offs, and the bottom brim is picked up and knit on. Short rows and slip stitching are used in the shaping, and the pattern contains tutorials for these.

Spice Road fits close to the head at the ears.  Yet, there is positive ease above the ears caused by the unique brim shaping, so a high bun would fit. The cap folds up small and would be easy to take along in a pocket or handbag until needed.

Spice Road takes just under 100 grams of worsted weight wool.  Knit at a gauge of 5 st/in and 7 rows/inch, the cap requires a 30 inch or longer circular needle of the size you require to get gauge.  A second, 16" long circular needle two sizes smaller is required for the bind off and the lower brim, and a crochet hook is required for the slip-stitching and picking up stitches. One size fits most, and the finished diameter can be customized by the number of stitches picked up for the lower, curled, brim.

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Good knitting, and I hope you will like the cap--both knitting it and wearing it.

PS:  Thanks to the test knitters!