Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Subscribing to TECHknitting blog

Folks have been writing, asking how to subscribe to TECHknitting blog. Here is a method via Google Reader.

 After you sign into Google you can "subscribe" on Reader by clicking on the "Add a subscription" button in the upper left hand corner, then typing in the name "TECHknitting."  This will take you to the actual subscription page, where you can click on the little button that says "+ subscribe." Then, every time there is a new post, Reader will keep track of that for you.

Another advantage is that if you go to TECHknitting blog on Reader, you can read every post by simply scrolling down and down and down--the further down you scroll, the more of the blog which loads onto the reader, right back to the very first entry. (It's kind of scary to me to see how the illustrations get more primitive the further back you go.) On the other hand, if you want to read TECHknitting in the original formating (comments and all) just click on the post title to be taken there.

One of these days, Google will oblige this old blog template to be updated, and then there will be little buttons to make all this push-button easy.  Until then, however, subscriptions have to be started the old-school manual way.