Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tulips buttonhole: The video (and an interview on KD)

Interweave Knits has just produced a video featuring Eunny Jang, the IK editor, demonstrating TECHknitting's NEW buttonhole: the tulips buttonhole. The name came about because the buttonhole looks like "two lips" in stockinette.

The video is quite small here, but if you click on the lower right hand corner where it says "You tube," you will get a MUCH larger version--easier to follow, by far.

The video is also featured in a "Knitting Daily" interview with TECHknitter (that's me!) about how the Tulips buttonhole was invented.

The tulips buttonhole was originally featured in Summer 2010 Interweave Knits, "Beyond the Basics" column, which could be a handy reference to maybe keep with your knitting papers: it is a fully illustrated article, and shows the same steps as the video. The video is immensely useful, however, because the tulips buttonhole has a little change-up where the working yarn originally heads off in one direction, but is then unwound to head off in another direction: a bit difficult to show with illustrations, but beautifully demonstrated on Interweave Knit's video by Eunny Jang.


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