Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Goodbye until September...

Dear Readers:

TECHknitting has come to that part of the year when summer travel shuts down the blog. This blog will be on summer vacation until the first week of September -- I am actually leaving the US for over a month, and will have no computer access during this time. (Guess I'll just have to knit -- darn!!)

Before the summer hiatus, however, TECHknitting will undergo its first real housecleaning since its founding. Between now and July 25, all the posts are to be re-examined, new links inserted where needed, and old links updated. Some illustrations will be replaced with corrected versions, and some nagging typos will be corrected. Also, all the indexes will be brought up to date.

If you subscribe to TECHknitting by way of an RSS feed (such as through Bloglines or Google Reader) you may see a flurry of activity that looks like lots of new posts, but this is just false signals being generated by re-posting corrected versions of previous entries. In other words, please ignore any "new post" messages: they are due to this upcoming period of maintenance. No new posts will be forthcoming until September.

Before we part ways for the rest of this summer, dear readers, I thank you for making TECHknitting a stop on your travels through the internet. We'll meet again in September, and when TECHknitting returns with new posts, the first topic will be PICKING UP STITCHES.

Have a good summer, and keep knitting!

P.S. One last thing: I will not be able to read comments, nor read or respond to e-mails at the TECHknitting@hotmail.com address between July 25 and September 7.