Saturday, May 5, 2007

Half a candle!

Little kids enjoy "half birthdays," and since my blog is still a little kid, today's that special day. TECHknitting is 6 months old!

Thank you readers

And, let me add: "Merci," "Danke," "Mange Tak," "Jolly good of you!" "Thanks, mate," "Gracias," "Dank u," "Grazie," "Obrigado."(For further messages in different languages, look at the bottom of this post.)

A recently commissioned survey found that you folks come from all over the world! Czech Republic, Singapore, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Japan, India, England, Brazil, Ireland, Holland, Chile, Turkey, Korea, Venezuela, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, South Africa, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Estonia, China, Italy, Hong-Kong, Scotland, Croatia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Israel, Sweden, Australia, Thailand, Egypt, Hungary, Ecuador, Romania, Norway, Honduras, Bermuda, Kazakhstan (I'm not kidding...) Iran, Mexico, Switzerland, Finland--more than 50 countries and counting...did I miss anyone?

And Canada (O Canada!) From Nova Scotia and St. John's to Vancouver, with many, many stops in between (hello Toronto, hello Montreal), and as far into the True North as the wilds of Alberta. Living in the "northern tier" in the state of Wisconsin, I never forget that Wisconsin is "down SOUTH" to you folks. Yowsa, you are tough.

Closer to home, hello to readers on both US coasts, from downeast in Maine, through Noo Yawk and Noo Joisey to islands off the coast of Washington state, and even Alaska, with many, many points in between--from thriving metropolises (metropoli?) to places I never heard of before. Surprising to me are the lots of readers from places I thought were too HOT for knitting (Georgia, Texas, Southern California, Alabama, Florida). Guess I don't know much...

Thanks to all of you guys for reading, and thanks also for all your lovely comments. When pounding Adobe Illustrator in the wee hours, I sometimes go back and read your comments to take heart.

I'll finish with big thanks for something else. Isela of Purling Sprite recently honored TECHknitting by nominating this blog for a "thinking blogger" award. In order to actually claim the award, I'd have to nominate another 5 blogs. I've tried to do it, I've made lists, I've gone back and read the archives of many blogs on the computer. However, in the weeks since Isela's lovely nomination, it's become apparent that it's impossible to parse it down to 5--there are too many great blogs. The finished garments, the lovely yarns, the inspirational stories, the countdown clocks, the jogging goals, the KAL's, the Dulaan knitters, the teaser pictures of "surprise" gifts on the needles, the goofy cat photos, the question boards, the heartbreak, the perseverance, the forums, the whole knitting's just too difficult. You guys rock.

Thanks to Isela, and thanks to you all.


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