Sunday, November 5, 2006

An explanation of sorts

So, after 25 years of knitting, various knitting tricks have manifested themselves to me. And, after 25 years of knitting, these tricks, like a virus, are desperate to get out and infect other knitters. Beware. Once you discover there is a trick for every part of your knitting, you'll never again be happy with ruffled cast-on edges, or too-tight cast-off edges--with puckery points and floppy felting. There is a trick for going back a couple of rows back in lace knitting (before you made that terrible mistake) without tinking every stitch, there is a trick for lengthening the too short-sleeves without ripping out and starting over; there are hundreds and hundreds of tricks, and over time, they'll appear in this blog. Along these lines, I hope that if you have a trick infesting your mind, you will share it in the comments section.

So, give me a chance to get my feet wet in this new medium, and pretty soon the tips and tricks will be flowing along. We'll talk again soon.