Sunday, February 26, 2012

Instead (a poem for a lazy Sunday)

On the receding cusp of Sunday now-ness
three ways beckon

Knit a mitten?

A poem instead



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your poem. Thank you for posting it.


Suzanne said...


Boo's Mom said...

When will that book be published...?

TECHknitter said...

Hi Boo's mom: There is a LOT more stuff to cover before a collection is made of the material. Once I get all the material covered which is itching to get out of my head, then would come the administrative task of collecting and editing it all. For now, I'm just grateful when I find the time to write and illustrate.

(Thanks, though, for your vote of confidence in thinking such a book would be popular)

Best regards, TK

Shivaji said...

Thanks for the touch of sweetness in my Sunday.

Boo's Mom said...

TK, are you SURE you couldn't be talked into creating multiple volumes?? I'd be happy if you just uploaded your blog to Blog2Print and let us buy the results! Seriously, I'm glad to hear you are thinking book.

Clair St. Michel said...

I agree with Boo, book book bookkkkkk!!! And also cute poem :-) That's how I feel on Sundays too.