Sunday, February 25, 2007

The English purl stitch

This is fourth of a series on "how to make knitting stitches." Previous in this series are "The English knit stitch," "The continental knit stitch," and "The continental purl stitch." Please excuse the delay: the original drawings for this post were corrupted and it was d**ned annoying most discouraging to have to start over again. However, my friend and neighbor J.A. came over, and her hands are the model for the new drawings here, so thanks J.

step 1
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english purl step 1
(Above) Hold the standing yarn (standing yarn=yarn coming from the ball) in FRONT of the work. Keep it under tension with the first, third and fourth fingers of the right hand. Insert the right needle under the RIGHT arm of the "old stitch" at the tip of the left needle (green). Be sure the right needle passes IN FRONT of the left needle, as illustrated. "Dip" the right forefinger (dotted red arrows) to wind the standing yarn (brown) around the right needle (solid red arrow).

step 2

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eng purl step 2
(Above) Once the standing yarn (brown) is wrapped around the right needle, swing the right forefinger down towards the floor. Dotted red arrows. This "locks" the standing yarn around the right needle.

step 3
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eng purl step 3
(Above) Draw the right needle -- with the standing yarn (brown) "locked on"-- through the old stitch (green) from front to back. Solid red arrow.

step 4
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eng prl step 4
(Above) Once the new loop (brown) is drawn through the old stitch (green), withdraw the left needle, and you will have a purl stitch waiting on the end of your right needle. Remember to draw the right needle to the FRONT again (as in step 1) before inserting it into the next old stitch on the left needle.



Esther said...

I've discovered your blog by...luck ! And I'm grateful to this luck because wow, what good "techknitting" help ! I'll be back often even if...I've been knitting since my childhood...long time ago ! There's always something to learn somewhere and today it was about the difference of tension between the purl and knit rows, my ever and ever problem...
Thank you !

knit to unwind said...

I really enjoyed your clear illustration and instruction. Thank you for bringing such useful information to all.
Thanks to your 'tips' my joint for tubes, in circular knitting, is neat and tight.

Alice C said...

I love this blog so much! It tells me how to solve problems I didn't even know existed; it has the most immaculate illustrations which bend my mind trying to understand them; it makes my fingers itch to knit and it makes me laugh. Your description of teenage fashion is so apt you must be very close to your subject!
Thank you for so much entertainment and information

oyceter said...

Thank you so much for writing all this up (not just this post, but all of them)! I was so happy when I found your blog!

I was wondering, have you thought about setting up an RSS feed for your blog? I ask only because I am greedy and would love to get updates via my RSS reader as soon as possible.

--TECHknitter said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. It's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself (sometimes...I wonder...)

About that feed issue: I know NOTHING about the technical aspects of blogging (I usually stick to my knitting) BUT, my understanding (for whatever that is worth) is that there are actually TWO feeds.

feed #1 Atom

feed #2 RSS

When you cut and paste these addresses, you'll have to get rid of the space between "com" and "/feeds," otherwise it won't work. (Hopefully, this all makes some kind of sense).

Also, it is evidently possible to "subscribe" via something called "Bloglines"--apparently several others have done that already.