Monday, October 17, 2016

TECHknitting, now via e-mail

You can now sign up to get e-mail notifications when there is a new TECHknitting post.  The sign-up is located in the right ---> sidebar.

As to Ravelry, the "friends' blogs" notification does not seem to be working very well--evidently, there is something a bit off about my feed, whatever that might mean...  So, sign up and be my Ravelry-friend by all means!  Please! But if you want notifications, it'd be better to rely on e-mail.

The only other way to get notifications is via Twitter: there is a link in the right sidebar for that also --->

Facebook? Well, I did have a page on there but they kept messing with it--removing it, reinstalling it, removing it again.  We seem to be at an impasse, Facebook and I, so for right now, it's Twitter or e-mail.

I recognize myself to be a computer idiot (sorry!) but anyhow, I think this e-mail notification is a big step in the right direction.