Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer vacation, SEE YOU IN THE FALL


It's summer vacation time around chezTECH. As has been usual for the past few summers, the blog remains on line, complete with indexes, but no new posts are put up for a couple of months.

The garden calls and I must answer.

* * *

Summer flits by so very fast, and before you know it, TECHknitting blog will be posting new material!  For fall 2012, I've planned:
  • a pattern for sale--men's socks featuring dyeing, a chart-chart adapted for color knitting and a wicked undercover alter-ego;
  • a new technique booklet for sale: a fabric on the border between knitting and weaving (amazing color combinations are possible, fabulous scarves are within easy reach) and 
  • a pair of mittens coming out in a nationally distributed print magazine: uber-warm and lined a whole new way.  
As for the blog, we'll start with a unit on picking up stitches: new tricks to avoid puckers and jagged edges, as well as other tricks to make picked-up stitches lie smooth and professional-looking, whether along a horizontal or sloped or curved edge. Cables and further information about smoothly installing zippers are also on the horizon, so stay tuned.

* * *

Take care until next fall! Enjoy the summer weather!  --TK