Monday, January 25, 2010

I cord from a mill: one more trick (starting from the center)

In today's post on I-cord from a mill, I forgot to add: You can mill off a length of cord and just keep it laying around. Then, when you want to start a project from the center, you cut off a length, pick the little scraps of yarn out of the loops, unravel until the running yarn is long enough to not work itself loose and then put the 4 stitches of I-cord onto two small dpn's. This bit of I-cord is used as waste yarn: it is the umbilical cord for the belly-button trick for starting projects in the middle. Keeping a length of I-cord around for this purpose makes starting in the center go 1-2-3, and gives less trouble than trying to cast a very few stitches and work them. Neat, ay?

You have been reading TECHknitting on starting projects in the center with a waste scrap of I-cord.