Friday, March 1, 2013

A post in which TECHknitting appears at various places in the knitting world

Even though I recently wrote that there would be no posts for a while, as I (try to, anyhow) work on new ways of color knitting, life does not stand still.  TECHknitting has recently popped up in a few places around the internet and in the print world, so I'm briefly breaking my self-imposed silence to offer up some links to these--

1. Knitpicks Podcast Interview with TECHknitter (that's me!)

Recently, Knitpicks blog posted a podcast interview with me about the concept of keeping track of lace patterns via a TECHknitting unvention: chart-charts.  I had no idea my voice was so high, or that I talked so fast...   Ah well.

Kelley Petkun, the owner of Knitpicks, did the interview.  Kelley started the podcast with a very succinct definition of knitted lace, then followed up with some mighty fine questions.  Hear the podcast interview here.

2. I am not Anna Zilboorg (although I am sure she is a very lovely person)

Also recently, Knitting Daily posted a teaser for a pay-to-view buttonhole video by Anna Zilboorg.  Accompanying the teaser were some TECHknitting illustrations about sewing on buttons from a buttonhole article I wrote for Interweave Knits in 2010.  In the comments, some folks were wondering whether I am, in fact, the same person as Anna Zilboorg. I'm confident Anna is a very lovely person, and an excellent knitter, and I'm honored by the speculation.  And yes, those are my illustrations accompanying the teaser.  However, the fact is, I'm not Anna and Anna's not me.

 If you want to see Anna's buttonhole, you can follow this link to download her ptv buttonhole. If you want to see my tulip buttonhole, it is here, for free.

3. Late to the party

Not so recently--back in January, actually-- Yarnwise Magazine (a British publication) had an article by me about fixing errors in knitting.  If in the US, it's still on the shelf at Barnes and Noble (excuse the crappy phone-photo, please, that's all I had when last at B & N). If in the British Isles, it might be in libraries, even though, because I'm late to the party, the January issue probably isn't for sale at the newsstand (news agent?) any longer...

Good knitting--TK


  1. Dude you continue to blow my mind.
    Chart charts? HOW DID I MISS THIS???
    I'm looking forward to hearing the interview- and don't worry, we all think we sound bizarre when recorded ^_^

  2. So how long until you can reprint the fixing mistakes article on the blog?

  3. The fixing mistakes article already exists on the blog in slightly different versions, have a look at the index (right sidebar) and you will find the way to fix many mistakes!

  4. I heard that podcast! And I really like it! Rock on.

  5. The podcast was really interesting, thank you!

  6. After stumbling upon your blog by happy coincidence and reading many posts, I love the idea of you writing an enormous book on knitting. And although there have been many attempts I think you should rejoice as the book has already been written, in the form of blog posts. So if you can find an editor I would gladly purchase a hard copy of everything you have recorded on this site. Just a thought...


  7. COME BACK! I just discovered you! (Haha, another rabid fan.)


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